A brass band is a very versatile musical group. The variety and range of instruments from the smallest and highest pitched soprano cornet to the largest and lowest pitched BBb tuba, together with a full percussion section, provides huge scope for arranging a very wide variety of music and producing a rich variety of moods and textures.

Whether playing marches on parades (e.g. May Day, Remembrance Day, Community fairs etc.), hymns at civic and religious services, or a wide range of music in a concert setting e.g. arrangements of classical, popular and film music, a brass band can be exciting, rousing, calming and tremendously moving, sometimes all within the same piece of music!

Brass bands are equally suited to outdoor events where the strong sound of a brass band at full volume can carry across a field or be heard above the din of a crowd (when other quieter instruments would struggle to be heard without amplification) and to indoor settings where the contrasting styles of a brass band can fully enjoyed.

Our current concert programme for 2018 includes:

Bandology (a great traditional brass band favourite)
Cavatina (theme from the film “The Deer Hunter”)
Old Gumbie Cat (from “Cats” by Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez (beautifully plaintive and moving classical Spanish melody)
Mr Jums (a jolly piece about a playful cat)
Love Changes Everything (the well known song, another by Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Perhaps Love (a duet written by John Denver and performed with Placido Domingo, here played on euphonium)
Sweet Gingerbread Man (another jolly tune made famous by Sammy Davis Junior)
Shepherd’s Song (a beautiful melody from the Auvergne)
Manhattan Skyline (from the classic dance movie “Saturday Night Fever”)
Barnard Castle (a lively march)
Share my Yoke (a moving piece from the Salvation Army)
Somewhere Out There (from the film “An American Tail”)
Hey Jude (a Beatles classic, of course!)
Amazing Grace (a lovely arrangement of this moving hymn)
And all that Jazz (a guaranteed crowd pleaser from the film “Chicago”)

However, the band has a library of over 1,000 pieces of music in the library, and we are continually adding new music, so let us know what you would like and we will see if we have it! We often receive special requests to play specific pieces of music for an event and we will always do whatever we can to acquire a suitable arrangement or even arrange the music ourselves if need be!

You can find lots of videos of the band performing on our You Tube channel