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Dalston and Beyond

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On Thursday we played to a packed audience at Dalston Parish Church, a venue that we have enjoyed travelling to and playing in for many years. I hope the audience enjoyed the concert as much as we did. The programme was chosen to show off the band’s extensive genres of playing. From ‘Radetsky March’ by Strauss right through to Micheal Buble’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’. It left the audience wanting more as we finished the night of with a brass band favourite ‘Floral Dance’. I take the time now to thank all the players who travelled there and played extremely well and, of course, to the hosts, Dalston Parish Church, for having us back another year. Let’s hope the relationship lasts into the distant future.
We only have a few more summer concerts before we start to look on to Christmas and Butlins in January where we join the 3rd Section and play Philip Sparke’s ‘Three Miniatures for Brass Band’. I’m sure we’ll have fun getting our teeth into that one.

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Summer 2011

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Even though the Summer is not over yet, I feel it is appropriate to say a few words for the band’s commitments to all the jobs so far.
A thankyou to everyone who has helped these past few jobs and those who selflessly gave their time to organise transport and instruments. As we all know, this year is a big year for us; next year could see the band stay at a level they have yet to have retained for more than one year in the 125 year history. In a year’s time, I yearn to see everyone proud of their achievements and hopefully we will stay up in the 3rd section.
The next job is on Sunday - Stephenson Railway Museum 12-3. We hope to see better weather than the last few days and hope to see many people support us.

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